Introducing Kaia Kardio Barre

Introducing Kaia Kardio Barre

Think of a ballet dancer. A yoga guru. A Pilates instructor.

They all have something in common: they love what they do, and it’s clear for everyone to see. They have radiant energy, they’re genuinely happy from the inside out, and they carry their healthy, toned bodies with confidence.

They love their fitness routine, and it makes it easy for them to live a healthy lifestyle. They’re an inspiration to us all and a reminder that we can do the same. Exercising can and should be something we look forward to. It can and should be fun!

The only thing better than working out like a ballet dancer? Or a yoga guru? A Pilates instructor? A workout that combines all three.

Say hello to Barre, and even better—say hello to Kaia Kardio Barre at Kaia FIT in Las Vegas, NV!

What is traditional Barre?

Traditional Barre is a low-impact workout that strategically combines aspects of ballet, yoga, and Pilates to give you the beautiful, sculpted, lean muscles of a dancer without risk of “dancer-like” injuries. The benefits of barre include weight-loss, improved posture, flexibility, muscle definition, and reduced stress. Most importantly, women of all fitness levels can practice barre. It’s no wonder why all the hottest celebs are hitting the Barre. Kelly Ripa, Molly Sims, Drew Barrymore, and Candice Swanepoel are some of the most inspirational “barre-babes.”

What to expect from Barre

Which muscles are worked during a Barre class? All of them! Throughout the class, Barre will target your biceps, triceps, chest, and back; then you will move to using the ballet barre and your body weight to target your lower body. And get this—it’s all happening while your abs are engaged! How? You can expect to do a combination of bodyweight exercises, some free-weights exercises, and some plyometric work like push-ups, planks, and a number of other invigorating exercises. Be sure to dress comfortably and with room for movement, because you’ll be hitting a variety of stretches and yoga-like poses as well.

But Kaia Kardio Barre is more

There’s no denying that Barre is an incredible workout, but we wouldn’t be Kaia Fit if we didn’t add our own sparkling touch to the workout for an experience we know our Kaia Girls in Las Vegas will love every minute of. Introducing Kaia Kardio Barre—a class that will take you through the Barre workout while incorporating Pilates balls, yoga blocks, and resistance bands all while maintaining an elevated heart rate. With a combination of strength training and cardio, you’ll be burning fat and building muscle at the same time. Tough on the muscles but kind on the joints, runners and joggers need not worry about adding any stress to your knees. With your Kaia sisters by your side and the cleanest nutritional guidance you could ask for, this class will catapult you every so gracefully toward the radiant energy, confidence, and body you desire.

Meet us at the Barre

Kaia Girls, we couldn’t be more excited for you to try Kaia Kardio Barre. Whether you’re already with us at Kaia Fit Las Vegas and want to add this into your fitness mix, or you’re brand new to Kaia and want to start with Kaia Kardio Barre as your main workout focus, Kaia Kardio Barre will give you a workout experience you’ll be excited to go to, that keeps you smiling throughout, and leaves you feeling amazing afterward. And once you’re ready to take your Kaia Kardio Barre workout to the next level, add in yoga and Pilates classes as well to gain even more practice and understanding of those moves we use in Kaia Kardio Barre.

New members, try your first class for free!

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